The revolutionary TAPfit system includes patented tap attachments, a rollable foldable TAPfit floor and everything you need to get TAPfit






6 workout DVDs of various styles with beginner and advanced options


TAPfit Taps

Patented tap attachments which slip over your existing training shoes, exclusive to TAPfit (shoes not included)


TAPfit Guides

Complete nutrition and training guides developed by accredited exercise, diet and medical professionals



TAPfit Toner

TAPfit rubber resistance band for toning and resistance training of your arms and upper body


Online Access

Get access to over 4 hours of TAPfit content from any mobile device. Plus new recipes, workouts, and training guides.


TAPfit Floor

Our easy to use, high quality tap dancing floor is nonslip, rollable and foldable.

Tapfit® DVDs

6 Expert DVDs developed by accredited exercise, diet & medical professionals

  1. Exercise your body and brain with our easy to follow workouts
  2. Alternate moderate and advanced work out options
  3. Combine cardio, strength, toning and conditioning training
  4. Workouts in Classic, Street, Move It, Broadway & Latin tap styles


TAPFIT® Tap Attachments

Patented tap technology simply slips onto your existing shoes
  1. Our patented tap technology allows you to simply slip your TAPfit tap attachment onto your existing shoes and start tapping
  2. Solid stainless steel tap pieces, as used and designed by the Australian Tap Dancing Team
  3. Patented craftsmanship which produces the best tap sound due to the placement of the toe and heel tap
  4. Non-slip grip

TAPFIT® Guides

Complete Nutrition and training Guides
  1. Tailored diet guides developed by our accredited Dietitian (APD) to get you the best possible results
  2. Meal Plans which are easy to make, nutritious and delicious
  3. Tailored programs- choose from either our maintenance or 14-day jump start nutrition plan
  4. Expert Nutrition Tips to change your lifestyle for good and achieve long lasting results

TAPFIT® toner

Rubber resistance band for toning andresistance training
  1. Rubber resistance band for toning and resistance training
  2. Use the TAPfit toner for advanced training in various workouts
  3. Tone your arms with resistance training while activating your lower bodywith your tap moves
  4. Discover how the TAPfit toner will help you burn more calories

TAPFIT® floor

Non-slip, rollable bamboo floor to make the best tap sound anywhere

We have developed an easy to use, high quality tap dancing floor which is:

  1. 90cm x 120cm
  2. Rollable & foldable
  3. Made from natural bamboo to produce the best tap sound
  4. Non-slip fabric bottom which won’t scratch your floors

Online Access

When you purchase TAPfit you get Unlimited Online Access to:

  1. All TAPfit workout DVDs
  2. New weekly workouts
  3. New recipes
  4. TAPfit Trainer Videos
  5. TAPfit Nutrition Series
  6. Accessible from all mobile devices

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