When will I receive my TAPfit System?

TAPfit usually arrives in 3-5 business days. You will be sent your tracking code so that you may follow the delivery of your TAPfit system.

Will the TAPfit mat damage my floor?

The TAPfit mat has a soft backing with grip underlay so that it is safe for use on most types of floors including timber, tiles, wood, concrete and carpet. The backing prevents the floor from moving during your workout while the soft carpet will prevent damage to your floor.

Can someone with two left feet do TAPfit?

Absolutely. If you can step on the spot, you can do TAPfit. Each TAPfit style contains “Learn It” videos for both the workout and dance. In these videos, we take you through each move and breakdown the steps you will need. These videos have been designed so that you can keep practicing until you are ready. We also have easy or moderate options for beginners in each TAPfit workout.

How loud are the TAPfit tap attachments?

The Tap Attachments (patented worldwide) are approximately 60 decibels.* This is less than the noise of a domestic vacuum cleaner and about the same noise level as a normal conversation. The tap attachments have been specifically engineered to provide you with a clear and crisp tap sound at the lowest possible volume level so that you can exercise in a room or unit.

How many calories will I burn with TAPfit?

You can burn up to 800 calories per hour.
*This is based on a 80kg person. Results will vary.

Is TAPfit hard to pick up?

No. We have specially designed TAPfit so that you can easily pick it up. Each track contains three rounds, with three steps in each round. We have visual cues on the screen to help you keep track of which round you are up to. You can also stick to the beginner’s option, represented by the Beginner’s tag on the video which pops up throughout the workouts. When you are getting started, “Learn It” videos break down each step you will need, and can be repeated as many times as you want.

How much space do I need for TAPfit?

TAPfit can be done in a very small space. The TAPfit floor is 90cm x 120cm. This is about 1 step wide and 2 steps long.

Can I easily store the TAPfit mat & attachments?

Yes. The TAPfit mat has been designed to fold over easily for storage so that you can slide it under your bed or neatly in a cupboard. The mat can be rolled like a yoga mat if you prefer. The TAPfit system also comes with a snazzy box where you can keep your tap attachments, tap toner, book and DVDs.

Do I need tap shoes for TAPfit?

No. We provide you with our specially engineered Tap Attachments which have been patented worldwide and are exclusive to TAPfit. The design of the attachment includes a rubber grip on the bottom of the tap attachment that prevents slipping. You slip them easily over your running shoes. We provide you with a Getting Started video with easy instructions on how to get started with your TAPfit equipment.

Does viewing TAPfit videos online use too much of my data?

TAPfit uses technology which analyses your internet connection and streams the video to the quality which most suits your connection. The default viewing of every video is Standard Definition (SD) to minimize the data used by our valuable customers.

How do I improve the quality of videos on TAPfit.com and the TAPfit Online Community?

Every video on TAPfit.com is High Definition (HD). The default viewing of every video is Standard Definition (SD) to minimize the data used by our valuable customers. In the viewing window of every video, there is an “HD” icon which you can hit to swap the video to HD quality.

What do I receive in the TAPfit system?

The TAPfit Deluxe Program comes with access to your 6 TAPfit DVDs (which are viewable on any mobile device), as well as constant updates of new workouts, new recipes, your individualized TAPfit profile and online support. The Deluxe Program also comes with your own TAPfit Profile, where you can track your results, upload before/after photos, plan your workouts and connect with TAPfitters around the world. In the Nutrition section, you get unlimited new weekly recipes, diet and health tips from our Dietician and access to the TAPfit Nutrition Series, which guide you through various tips and tricks for nutrition success. You also get access to the TAPfit Trainer, Jake Mollenhauer, who runs a video series on workout tips, as well as TAPfitX, power session videos which you can add to any TAPfit workout to maximize your results.

How do I get access to the TAPfit Online Community?

During checkout, you are asked to enter a password to access the Online Community. When you want to access the community, simply go to TAPfit.com, click ‘log in’ and enter your details.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

When you purchase TAPfit, you gain immediate access to all content online and over 100 recipes so that you can get started straight away. We are so confident in the high quality of our program that we do not offer a money back guarantee. Nor do we offer refunds for change of mind. See our 5-star customer satisfaction rating on our “Reviews” pages.

What if my package is lost in transit?

TAPfit only uses reputable delivery companies such as Australia Post, USPS or FedEx. When your order is dispatched, you will be provided with a tracking ID and information about the delivery of your package. If your TAPfit system is lost in transit, it is not the responsibility of TAPfit to replace it.

What if I select the wrong size tap attachments?

If you select the wrong size, simply email us at [email protected] and send them back to us at P.O. Box 75, Mt Ommaney, QLD, 4074 in their original packaging. They must be unused and unworn. Include a self addressed envelope and we will swap them over for you.