Sophia Loren Salmon

  • Serves
  • Day 7

100g or 3.5 ounces salmon

½ lemon

1 ½ cup of green vegetables of your choice e.g. broccoli, asparagus, green bean

100g or 3.5 ounce sweet potato, cubed


Step 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/400° F. Line the tray with aluminium and lightly oil.

Step 2. Squeeze lemon over the salmon. Place a lemon slice on top of the salmon and place in the oven, allowing it to cook for approx. 25 – 30 minutes (depending on the thickness of the fillet).

Step 3. Place broccoli, asparagus and green beans into boiling water for 10 minutes.

Step 4. Place sweet potato into a separate pot of boiling water and cook until soft. Drain the sweet potato and place back into the pot. Mash sweet potato to desired consistency.

Step 5. Remove the salmon and vegetables when cooked.

Step 6. To serve place vegetable and salmon on top of the sweet potato and garnish with fresh dill if desired.