Chicken Noodle Frittata

  • Serves

  • Dinner
1 x 75g/2.5oz packet 99% fat free chicken 2 minute noodles 55g (1/3 cup) frozen peas 1 teaspoon olive oil 3 eggs, lightly whisked
Step 1: Break up the 2 minute noodles into small pieces. Place in a heat proof bowl and add the flavor sachet from the packet and also the frozen peas. Cover with boiling water and allow to sit for 2 minutes or until tender. Drain. Step 2: Preheat the grill on medium and cover a pan with olive oil over medium heat. Add the noodle mixture to the pan. Slightly whisk eggs in a bowl and then pour over the noodle mixture in the pan. Tip: This is a good base and if you’d like to at this point add in more vegetables, sweet potato, onion and ham it can help to provide more flavor. Step 3: Cook for 3 minutes or until set around the edge. Finish off by placing the pan under the grill and cook for another 3 minutes or until set. Enjoy! Tip: Another serving suggestion is to add a little tomato chutney.