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  •  Slip-On Patented Taps  
  •  Rollable, Foldable Personal Tap Dance Floor 
  •  5 x Amazing Online Dance Workouts - Broadway, Latin, Classic, Funk, Street
  •  FREE BONUS Arm-Toning Resistance Band 
  •  FREE BONUS TAPfit Book including Getting Started Guides and Workout Guides 
  •  FREE BONUS "Step By Step Fundamentals" Video Tutorials - Learn To Tap In Minutes 
  •  FREE BONUS Fat-Burning No Equipment Workout and BONUS DVD
  •  FREE BONUS "Dance Series" - Learn 5 Tap Dances
  •  FREE BONUS TAPfit Physiology Report - How Tap Dancing Improves Cognitive Functioning
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"Great product quality & price a real workout really sweats it out of you lots of FUN!! for all fitness love the different dances (DVDs) and tap shoe fits over your own shoe and great for the kids (whole family) very happy you don't mind working out when you are having this much fun & you can stop & start whenever you want.." - Denise, Australia
"I LOVE the TAPfit program. It's the best dance fitness program I've tried. I love the alternate low impact options for each workout and I am finding it is really improving my fitness levels & co-ordination & I've already lost weight with the eating program. Thank you TAPfit! I'm in love!." - MaryAnne, Texas, USA
What Do You Get?
Slip-On Patented Taps
Skip the dull boring workouts and push-ups - you just slip our taps over ANY FLAT BOTTOMED SHOE to transform them into DANCE SHOES! 

How awesome is that? Our taps make all of the sounds and are completely slip-proof, so you'll feel like a pro. No Dance Experience Necessary!
Rollable Foldable Dance Floor
Our incredible portable dance floor turns any flat surface into a dance floor! The floor is rollable and foldable, easily stores under a bed or in a cupboard and is complete with a non-slip carpet backing so it will not slip, or damage your existing floors!

Cool, right?
5 AMAZING Dance Workouts
No Dance Experience is needed with our super fun and easy to follow dance workouts. Join the TAPfit Tribe across 5 full workouts, over 30 dance tracks. Our workouts are both online AND across 5 DVDs so you can do TAPfit at home or anywhere you wish.

Working out AND having fun, why would you ever need to do another workout again?

FREE BONUS Arm-Toning Resistance Band
Think TAPfit is just a leg workout? Our FREE arm-toning resistance band makes sure that you get a FULL BODY workout, engaging your core, legs, back, abs and arms.
FREE BONUS "Step By Step Fundamentals" Video Tutorials
No Dance Experience Needed! We have paired with some of the hottest celebrity choreographers who have danced with Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry'. These guys are some of the best in the 'biz and they break down every move step-by-step so all you have to do is have fun, and watch the kilos FALL AWAY!
FREE BONUS TAPfit Book including Getting Started Guides and Workout Guides 
Our Workout guides are specially formulated to ensure you engage the right muscles at the right time and get the most out of your workout. We not only give you online guides, but a 50-page physical book which gives you all of the tools you need for sustainable, healthy weight loss and meal trimmer guides.
FREE BONUS Fat-Burning No Equipment Workout and BONUS DVD
Can you imagine doing a workout where you were having so much fun, you didn't even know you were working out? This is an incredible dance fusion workout is a proven fat-burning blaster, using no equipment so you can get started right away, even before we ship you your amazing equipment. Cool, right?
FREE BONUS "Dance Series" 
Learn 5 Tap Dances
Our sequin-studded dance series gives you 5 awesome dances across Latin, Funk, Broadway, Street and Classic styles. What's more, these dances include step by step video tutorials so if you want to break it down, we have got you covered!
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TAPfit is an award-winning fitness brand, founded by triplet sisters and Kat Johnson, who personally lost 25 pounds in 6 months. The founder of The TAPfit® Movement, TAPfit® has helped tens of thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever. 
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