Food + Nutrition

We want you to feel incredible, look your absolute best and reduce your risk of disease. That’s why we have created the TAPfit Nutrition Guides.

Knowledge is key

Unlike other programs that only tell you what to eat, we believe you should know why. We are passionate about you understanding food so that you can continue to make healthy choices whether you are at home or out to dinner with friends, and ensure a long- term healthy lifestyle change.

 Love your Lifestyle

We believe wholeheartedly in moderation and creating a healthy routine that you love. We don’t want you to lose a huge amount of weight only to put it back on again! Kickstart with our 14-Day Trimmer and continue to follow our nutrition plan with food you will love long- term.


meal plans

We have created a 14-Day Trimmer meal plan to help you kick-start your health goals. The meal plan is easy to follow, outlining daily each meal and snack ideas.

Great Recipes

Featuring fat burning foods, our mouthwatering recipes will help you slim down without sacrificing taste.


green apple and kale smoothie


Homestyle rustic Bean stew with crusty bread


Classic parisian chicken soup


Contemporary smoked salmon spring salard

Top Nutrition Tips

Even if you are given the best nutrition plan in the world, sometimes there are extra tips you need to navigate healthy living successfully such as your mind frame and beating cravings!

We have put together the TAPfit Nutrition tips videos for the extra information you need

  • recipe-1
    Understand your fuel

    Breaking down the basics of protein, carbs and fats and their importance to the body, especially in weight loss.

  • recipe-2
    Carbs – are they really as bad as we think they are?

    Dispelling the myth that eating carbohydrates means no weight loss. Explaining how choosing the right carbs (low GI) and understanding portion sizes is imperative to success.

  • recipe-3
    How to set goals and stay motivated

    Setting SMART goals – how to do it and why you should

  • recipe-4
    Understanding your cravings

    Understanding why you get sugar cravings and how to prevent this