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Your free Dance Workout where I show you a taste of my World-First Exciting and Addictive class that my Instructors follow to stand out, fill their classes and make the income they deserve!
  •  Discover the Secret Formula: Discover our secret formula which took us 6 years, thousands of hours and insights from hundreds of instructors around the world.
  •  Complete Plug In and Play Program: Celebrity choreography done for you from the World's best choreographers who have danced with Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus
  •  Stand Out From Your Competition: This is a completely new dance fitness program that is about making noise, being heard, feeling empowered 
Annie Johnson is a Co-Creator of TAPfit, an award-winning Dance Fitness Program helping hundreds of Dance Teachers around the world to stand out from their competitors and make the income they deserve.

She passionately equips her Tribe to find joy in teaching and start making the money they deserve...without sacrificing their sleep or sanity!

Annie Johnson, 
TAPfit Co-Creator
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