Meet the creators

APfit is the brainchild of four sisters, Rachel, Katherine, Anne and Fiona Johnson, who grew up tap dancing and wound up Australian international Tap champions.

The TAPfit®Creators

Qualified tap dancing teachers, the girls were part of the first Australian Tap Dancing team to represent Australia at the World Dance Championships in Germany. They have been teaching tap dancing for the past 8 years to adults and children. 
We developed this program because we experienced the profound impact tap dancing has had on the lives of those we’ve taught. TAPfit® was formulated in consultation with a physiotherapist, nutritionist and exercise professional to give you an innovative and comprehensive program.

We are excited to work with you towards a “Fit Body and Fit Brain” with TAPfit!®


Katherine Johnson

BCom, ATCL (Lon.), Qualified Tap Dancing Teacher (Hons.), Cert. III (Fitness)

Tap Dancing is magical. Nothing comes close to standing in the wings, watching the lights flare up in front of you and stepping out onto that stage.

I have had this passion since I was 3 years old and since that time I have taught children, adults and young adults with disabilities. I was also honoured to represent Australia at the World Dance Championships where I ranked Top 10 in the world.

I know you will enjoy TAPfit® as much as I do. Your life will be enriched with the joy of dance that exercises your mind and body.


Annie Johnson

LLB, Bcom, LTCL (Lon.), Qualified Tap Dancing Teacher (Hons.), Cert. III (Fitness), Cert IV (Personal Training).

For me, tap dancing is one of the most beautiful art forms around and one of the only forms of physical exercise to also have such beneficial cognitive results. I use tap dancing to keep in shape and stay physically fit.

I have had the privilege of eaching children, adults, physically challenged young adults and a group of children in an East Timor village. Over my 20 years of involvement in tap dancing and my last 8 years as a fully qualified tap teacher, I have seen first-hand the benefits of tap dancing in helping people to achieve their fitness goals. I’m excited to join you on your TAPfit® journey!


Fiona Johnson

MBA, Bcom, LTCL (Lon.), Qualified Tap Dancing Teacher (Hons.)

Tap dancing for me has always been about a love of dance, music and creative expression. I love the stage lights, I love the challenge of perfecting a new move and I love how the different sounds of your taps compliment and accentuate the different sounds of the music.

I am thrilled to share TAPfit with you. I have been tap dancing for 20 years now, and tap dancing has benefitted me in different ways throughout this time. I am excited to share with you the research linked to dance and tap dance and how it can improve the performance of your brain. Enjoy your TAPfit® journey!


Rachel Johnson

LLB, Bcom (Acct), LTCL (Lon.), Qualified Tap Dancing Teacher (Hons.)

I enjoy tap dancing for many reasons. It keeps me physically fit and my body at a high performance level. It is definitely a total body workout. It keeps my mind active and helps me to focus on my work and studies.

I also love tap dancing because I become a musical instrument when I tap dance. The musicality and rhythm involved in tap dancing is challenging and exciting. I always have and will continue to enjoy tap dancing. Welcome to TAPfit®!