Introducing TAPfit

The revolutionary fitness system

“Using the TAPfit system, in under 5 weeks I lost 14 inches”

– Ashley

“TAPfit is fabulous. Beyond Fun”

– Dyan

“I’m a runner and this tops the running…a three mile run and TAPfit blows it away.”

– Maria

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Introducing Tapfit®


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The TAPfit Deluxe Pack includes:
Ships in 3-5 days
  1. 6 workout dvds
  2. patented Tap Attachments
  3. Nutrition Guides
  1. Workout Guides
  2. Resistance Toner
  3. Tapfit Floor

Limited Offer: Receive 12-month access to the TAPfit Online Community featuring complete online access to all DVD workouts, comprehensive training guides, additional workouts, recipes and support.

About Tapfit®

Discover how TAPfit will change your life

  1. Easy to follow
  2. Low impact option
  3. High-calorie burning
  4. Total body workout
  5. Learn different tap styles
  6. Online access to over 4 hours of workouts, 100+ recipes and support
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People Love TAPfit®


The TAPfit® Creators

Triplets Annie, Fiona, Rachel and our sister Katherine have danced for over 20 years and we have represented Australia at the World Tap Dancing Championships. We are passionate about sharing the benefits of tap dancing and excited to welcome you on your TAPfit journey!

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The Workout

TAPfit is a total body workout in only 20-30 minutes! TAPfit engages your core, activates your quadriceps and all 3 muscle groups in your buttocks. These muscles burn more calories than any other muscle group in your entire body! Plus our TAPtoner resistance band means you will tone and sculpt your arms.

There are 6 workout styles with over 4 hours of fun workouts, body sculpting moves & dances.

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The revolutionary TAPfit system includes patented tap attachments, a rollable foldable TAPfit floor and everything you need to get TAPfit

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Food & Nutrition

TAPfit will give you the recipes & tools to deliver you results. Our Nutrition Plans are full of hot tips for a trim and toned TAPfit body

  1. Simple & easy
  2. Family friendly
  3. Full of flavor
  4. New recipes weekly

Online Access

When you purchase TAPfit you get Unlimited Online Access to:

  1. All TAPfit workout DVDs
  2. New weekly workouts
  3. New recipes
  4. TAPfit Trainer Videos
  5. TAPfit Nutrition Series
  6. Accessible from all mobile devices

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